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Trend forecasters at the shopping platform Lyst have deemed this trend “FETISHCORE”, highlighting that searches for related items on the site have jumped amid an increasing acceptance of BDSM-adjacent styles on the runways and red carpets.

To be honest, we find this moniker odd because we feel fetish clothing has been around for a long time, if not since always, and as a trend also. Which we will investigate more towards the conclusion of this article.

Roberto Cavalli fall-winter 2022-2023

Aesthetics connected with BDSM — a collection of erotic activities that includes bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism — have penetrated the mainstream fashion landscape since the beginning of 2022. The movement is also in line with the period of anonymity and isolation, offering one to play the mysterious by covering one's body and face with completely opaque and hermetic clothes and accessories.

Måneskin, Vogue Italia, Coachella 2022


BDSM-inspired looks and fetish wear have gained popularity among celebrities and on red carpets in recent years.

Madonna was among the first to do so many years ago, and she was followed by a legion of fans. She has always been a fan of harnesses and leather provactive inspired accessories and, unlike many, has the boldness to push the boundaries. As a result, and with full authority, she bears the label of sex icon. Author Brian D'Amato referred to Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, and the Mona Lisa as the three sexiest ladies ever, all beginning with the letter "M."


                                  Madonna 2015                                                    Madonna "Sex book" 1992
Madonna, 2022

At the Met Gala, Kim Kardashian exhibits BDSM chic. The reality actress and influencer had been hinting that she was going full KINK outfit.

Kim Kardashian 2021

Dua Lipa also leaned into fetishcore by attending the 2022 Grammy Awards in a black-and-gold Versace gown from the house's autumn 1992 collection, suitably dubbed "Miss S&M."

Versace collection "Miss S&M"  1992, left: Dua Lipa 2022, right: Christy Turlington 1992

Julia Fox has channeled her prior career as a dominatrix via her viral ensembles, including head-to-toe leather, including leggings and strapless shirts, and, most recently, a necklace fashioned like a hand strangling her at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party.

Julia Fox, 2022


According to Lyst a retail search engine, "fetish-core" is gaining popularity right now.
Month-to-month searches on the site for "harness," for example, surged 136 percent from mid-March to mid-April. Since the beginning of 2022, leather choker sales have increased 103 percent, while searches for chokers in general have more than quadrupled compared to this time last year.

At METATRON we give you a few more reasons to embrace this trend, for your next party, going beyond any taboo and with no expiration date. Here are some FETISHCORE must-haves.



A chocker necklace, whether leather or metal, is essential for exuding the BDSM vibe – safely, of course.

             METATRON Mokosh Choker                                      
METATRON Choker Collars



Leather harnesses, from simple to full-on bondage, are an easy way to kink up any outfit, including workplace.

METATRON, Sila Garter belt, Druuna Heart Thong           



If latex isn't an option (allergies do arise), go for a full-on leather look. Yes, even opera gloves may be BDSM-compatible.

METATRON Mudra Patent Leather harness and METATRON Mudra Garter Belt ,  Photo: Staša Bukumirović 2021


We believe that Fetishcore, even without the label, has always been and that, whether dominantly or passively, it has captivated and unmistakably affected the evolution of the fashion landscape. - METATRON

Let us recollect a few more significant events, and if we missed something, any recommendations are welcome; we eagerly await your observations and opinions.


Pamela Anderson
Naomi Campabel for Vogue Russia
David Bowie
Lady Gaga
Donatella Versace in her own design with Gianni Versace

Sophie Xeon
Christina Aguilera
Grace Jones
Michael and Janet Jackson
Depeche Mode

FKA Twigs
Siouxsie Sioux


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