A progressive design brand centered around unparalleled attention to the construction of leather.

Metatron defines intrusive thoughts into concrete products - a label that combines erotic possibilities of leather and restraints with high fashion aesthetic into living freedom.

Transposing dreams into reality, and owning the truth that is expressed with respect and acceptance with expertly crafted, ready-to-wear, and functional restraint pieces. Metatron atelier's coveted pieces are handcrafted from premium quality leather and designed to harness your inner fire and ignite desire.

The force of Metatron is boundless and unstoppable, it liberates, motivates, and illuminates with pure passion. Metatron is that unapologetic confidence you exude when feeling stunning as hell.​

We are two ladies, a film producer, and a fashion designer. With gratefulness, love, and commitment, we inspired each other in creating a common artistic expression into Metatron and beyond.